Welcome to the recreation center "Oasis".
Azov sea. Pavlo-Ochakovskaya spit.

We invite you to relax on the warm sea of Azov!
Why the Azov sea and not the Black sea?

The sea of Azov is shallow, so you can swim here from mid-may, when the water warms up to 20 C.
On the sea of Azov, there are no such storms as on the Black sea, when you do not go into the water because of the waves. Also, on the Black sea, after a storm, cold water rises from the depth, but on the sea of Azov, this is not the case.
Small sandy beaches are ideal for children.
The weak salinity of the sea of Azov does not dry the skin. Choosing the sea of Azov or the Black sea for holidays with children, first of all you need to think about safety. The sea of Azov is ideal for this. Sandy, not stone beach, lack of holes and depth, attractions, sparsely populated beach and shady territory of the recreation center "Oasis" is an ideal choice. If you like to relax on the sea and fresh sea air, then you should definitely come to the base "Oasis".


The recreation center is located on the shore of the warmest sea of Azov on a sand spit. By mid-may, the water in the Taganrog Bay warms up to 20 °C, and in July, the average water temperature is 25°C. The shallow sandy beaches of the sea of Azov are ideal for families with children. From the territory of the base "Oasis" there is access to the beach. On the base of rest "Oasis" is located gazebo with barbecue. Secure Parking on the territory of the base. For children, there is a trampoline and a swing on site.


Pavlo-Ochakovskaya spit, Azov district, Rostov region.
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